I just wanna suck a dick right now. who’s around?

The Lord is and you need to have a talk with him


Casual snapchat

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I can’t get over how goofy these Dark Souls skellies are

like when they’re putting themselves back together and they kind of pat their heads 

Like they’re just a bunch of undead dweebs with swords

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"No you can’t name your weapon shop ‘Bloodbath and Beyond’."

Okay. Give me like 15 minutes to get ready and I’ll be right out! If that’s all right w/ u

itll take me like 15 mins to get over there lmao… u have time

Sure. When?

like rn :o i am hella hungry

idk what that is but it sounds delicious and i’m hungry lets go

its the best place 2 eat like 4 rls . the sandwiches SO good